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Antares Harmony Engine Crack

Are you getting board of trying hours to create best vocals for your songs. Than quit using any other software and download this amazing software. Antares Harmony engine is a dedicated software aimed at producing harmonies and vocals. An important tool commonly utilized within the music industry by artists, songwriters, music producers, sound mixers etc. to process quality vocals. The software has many capabilities that enable one to synthesize vocals and do harmonies professionally in audio production.

Antares Harmony Engine Crack Overview

There is no better choice than the Antares Harmony Engine Evo vocal harmony program which allows you to form marvelous vocal harmonies – in a most precise manner! Harmony four fully auto voice with humanization. The inbuilt Antares throat-modeling ensures that every harmonic has been run through on a real model of human vocal tract. The harmony engine Evo produces fast and reliable chord recognition with totally convincing outcomes. Imagine having up to 5 Choir voices for free.

Antares Harmony Engine

Faster detection, more accuracy! Harmony Engine Evo integrates Antares’ new and advanced Evo voice processing technology that is quicker, more accurate in identifying pitches, silky smooth, with no artifacts shift in pitch and a naturally sound effect. Also, in one line, Antares provide five CHOIR-voices.

Key Features

There are dozens of features about this software are available but some of them are given below:

  • This software employs sophisticated algorithms that analyze your melody and create believable harmonies on the fly.
  • Several vocal models are provided for you to select according to the sound of your main vocalist if that is what you choose. Alternatively, you may make your custom tailored model by exploiting the available formant shift coupled with pitch correction technology.
  • Develop creative harmonic arrangements with ease through an intelligent interface, or have it do so on its own with the use of a command function titled “Auto-Harmony”.
  • Its voice harmonies feature the very same high quality of pitch correction that is found in its Auto tune plugin – meaning that your harmonies are going to not just seem but real!

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System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 or later
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Processor: 2GHz

Antares Harmony Engine Crack Conclusion

As it is mention above, this software is famous between musicians, producers, and sound engineers. The reason behind this is that, this software provides you tools to manipulate and enhance your vocals performance. Furthermore, It features real-time vocal harmony generation, multiple harmony styles and settings, and vocals effects pack that provide users with all they need to make pro-level harmonies and vocals. It is ideal for studio recording as well as use in live shows because of the MIDI control capabilities and scale editors.

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