Dead Island Riptide Crack Free Download [2023]

Dead Island Riptide Crack

Surviving Dead Island Riptide in a zombie infested world. It is not about playing games. It’s for a thrilling expedition close to madness. In this game the undead horde will overpower you as you are thrown into an engrossing story that needs to be passed through the dangers of a tropical environment full of zombies. It is not only a computer game, but it’s testing your endurance, level of passion, in which you have to work together with the others who are fighting against zombies.

Dead Island Riptide Crack Overview

The story of the game continues from the beginning point of Dead Island. Survivors were flown out of the island and eventually landed at a military ship. However, they remain trapped in the ship and try them separately. However, the Heroes’ future turns to be even worse. They believed that they managed to leave the frightening world of Banoi and survive ahead of the cataclysm. One morning after boarding a ship and encountering John Morgan, the heroes wake up to realize everyone else has been taken over by zombies. They overcome the ship and go up to the bridge where they face off with the dead Captain.

Dead Island Riptide Free Download

Colonel Hardt tries to take the ship further away from the rocks, but it hits the rock and washes up on the shore of Palanai where they are within Banoi Archipelago. The disease has not spared Palanai either, and there are undead all over the island. A woman, known as Harlow Jordan, finds the survivors on the beach. She orders them to go and report at the survivor camp known as the Paradise Survival Camp.

On arrival, the camp had been attacked by Infected and the heroes had to assist in defending the camp by gathering trash or other debris that would block and slow down the Infected for a while. The following step is to head into the town of Henderson that will be able to contact the military for evacuation. They go back to Halai Village, and after checking with some survivors, they discover that all the ships had sailed away a long time past. However, they take the road and eventually find it closed off with floodwaters.

As Story Continues:

Now he has no other option than going through the underground tunnels constructed by the Japanese during World War II. Which are filled with water. With this noise, they attract other zombies, so they dig a well and build a homemade water pump to drain the tunnels, having to guard their area. When they get into the tunnels, they will go on fighting undead and living opponents. When they get to this cross road of Henderson. The station is under control of convicts without alternative than to murder these enemies of theirs. The Heroes have to defend a station that is referred to as a point of calling for the ferry. However, immediately after the ferry arrives, the Heroes must engage the Screamers.

The reach finally catch up with them as they enter into Henderson only for them to realize. That the town has been overwhelmed by walking dead. The undead hordes even conquered the military base. Hence, the old movie theatre becomes a temporary headquarters for the Heroes at the moment. The heroes drive to the main base to call for reinforcement but the only reply they receive comes from Frank Serpos who claims that the colonel is dead and will be sending in a chopper.

Upon arrival, Serpo attempts to deceive the Heroes to enter the chopper as a means of leaving normal humans to die. Colonel Hardy does not buy into that trick and attempts to board in order to get out but gets shot by the soldier. Therefore, Logan uses a rocket launcher to shoot down the chopper. However, the chopper crashed at the Old Fort, and they went there to check if it was possible to recover it, but the chopper was a total loss. For further information download the game and experience yourself.


There are tons of features of this Game is available but some of them are given below:

  • This game includes all previously released DLC.
  • Within tis game player can explore the high definition (HD) environment of Dead island Riptide with its upgraded graphics, game models and a lifelike lighting system with physically based shades.
  • In this game player can preferred weapon to smash heads, crack skulls, and slice them in the incredible visceral melee combat.
  • While Playing this game player can learn work together with your peers and share their experience struggling for survival in the thrilling world.
  • Player can got some live experience through thick air destruction, fear and madness. Go deep into the turmoil that is happening in the Island.


Some of the Gameplay of this game is given below:

  • This game has an option of importing their Dead Island game progress. In cases where individuals fail to import their character, they would then go ahead and start another one that will immediately have been assigned to level 15.
  • However, cash and skills trees will not be imported into the game.
  • Conversely, they handle disconnections without halting the play unlike breaks.
  • There are no level limits among cooperative players anymore where enemies auto-balance themselves.
  • A new type of vehicle is introduced: The Motorboat. Moves through water and gets temporary short-lived acceleration.
  • These weapons are stronger and longer-lasting.
  • You now have to search in chests all over the world for rare weapons such as Zed’s Demise and Pick of Destiny, which were previously quest rewards.
  • In previous games, firearms used to do a little damage to zombies, compared to the damage it produces here.
  • New weapons like mines, poison and sound bombs, new edged and blunted items, throwing knives, a Tesla device, a flashlight, harpoon, nail, rocket launcher and sniper rifle.
  • More specifically, new mutant zombies such as the wrestler, a grenadier, drowners, and the screamer.
  • The zombie spawn system has been changed completely.
  • Some side quests have been evolved including dead zones with boss zombies that have a storyline associated with them. These enemies are tougher than others in level, deal more than 1 – 3 shots per hit, instant kill players and no kicking/push over abilities.
  • Wave invasion-type mission in which you and your crew shall defend you safe house.
  • There was a playable character who was John Morgan, he had skills of Claws and Knuckles.
  • Specialized weapon proficiencies that confer extra bonuses for their respective weapon types when levelled.

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About Game

  • Game Size: 2.7 GB (Single Link)
  • Release Date: 25th April 2013
  • Game Genre: Action Role Playing, Survival Horror
  • Publisher: Deep Silver

Dead Island Riptide Crack Free Download

Overall, Dead Island Riptide is a zombie game that takes you by storm. Whether you play as a lone survivor against zombies or engage in multiplayer mode fighting for survival in a corrupt and deteriorating universe. The game ensures an unrelenting experience. Its realistic rendering of a paradise gone bad due to monsters and an exciting plot line makes it outstanding survival horror movie. Farewell to serene beach holidays and welcome to a battle for existence in which each step counts. Dead island riptide is more than just a game. It’s an exhilarating dive into the madness of a zombie takeover paradise. So, what are you waiting for get Dead Island Riptide Download Free link now which is given below. This software is also presenting Dead Island Riptide Mod Apk so that android users can also enjoy.

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