GTA Lyari Express Crack PC Game 2022

GTA Lyari Express Crack PC Game Free Download [Latest] 2022

gta-lyari-express-screen-1-1873325In GTA Lyari Express Crack the Vice city cheats are already applied and while playing you will never die in game.  The cars in GTA Lyari express are acting like a Tank. Your car will never be destroyed in this modification of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Every stage has to start with a bridge in the game. That bridge is the famous of Lyari Karachi, City of Pakistan.

Every GTA Vice City game cheats are already coded in this game. So you don’t need to add more cheats. Therefore you’ll feel like an ultimate warrior in this full adventure game of Grand theft auto. Another interesting game cheat in place is the cops can never kill you because their bullet will not affect you. This game is modification of official GTA Vice City.

Another change is the Helicopter appearing in GTA Lyari Express is the same as GTA San Andreas Helicopter. Which fires bombs and missile in game. A picture of GTA Lyari express game cobra helicopter is below.


Another amazing mod of GTA Vice city in Lyari express game is that money is already unlimited. So no need to worry about collecting money. The cars design in GTA Lyari express is changes as well as maps location. Another Advance version of this game is GTA San Andreas.

GTA Lyari Express Game System Requirements

Below are minimum system requirements for GTA Lyari express.

800 MHz Intel Pentium III
128 MB RAM
1 GB hard disk

Author’s Final Remarks

GTA Lyari Express Crack game has been Put at the Lyari, Karachi Pakistan. The game was modified with the inclusion of pre-loaded cheats. As cheats have been contained. So that you do not need to look for the cheats. Lyari Express game was modified and believed the gameplay is like that of Vice City. But in this game, you can walk into different roads and can have a ride on different bicycles and automobiles

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