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Need For Speed Carbon V1.4 Crack PC Free Download [Latest] 2022

Need For Speed Carbon V1.4 Crack. Need for Speed Carbon Players are based in crew and can also recruit other local street racers in their gang. The active racer is known as a wingman in Need for speed carbon game. Each recruited car racer has two skills. Either he is a perfect racer or he is a car mechanic. Interestingly some skills are very crucial to win this tactical street racing game. For example some recruited racers know the shortcut route to reduce police attention.


Moreover each of the racer category has their own cool car. Wingmen car is different. Blockers drive muscles, drafters drive exotics and finally the local recruited scouts amazing tuners cars. In Need for speed carbon racing game the players can either accept the race challenge, and keep the race if they win it. Otherwise if declined, The minor crew will take over the race. I guess this idea came from famous fast and furious movi

Need For Speed Carbon Features

But NFS Carbon has tactical drift racing, an improved mode that was included in previous Need For Speed Underground 1 and 2. But this was missing was Most Wanted version Need for speed. Race players can upload in game screenshots and their lap times on Need for speed official website.


Need for Speed Carbon features has new car customization called “Autosculpt”. The race player can utilize new car parts which they can get after winning money from Need for speed race challenges. The new car parts can tune the Need for speed car engine.

The cops are every where in Need for speed Carbon. Police can chase the player at any time. So the game players have to be careful so that they don’t get arrested from Police. More detailed features can be seen at here.


Need For Speed Carbon System Requirements

Below are minimum system requirements for need for speed carbon.

  • Intel Pentium 4
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk 5GB

Author’s Final Remarks

Need For Speed Carbon V1.4 Crack 2022 continues the story where Most Wanted left off. For those just tuning in, Most Wanted ended with you recovering your stolen car and bailing out of the city of Rockport while the overzealous, anti-street-racing Sgt. Cross continued his pursuit. At the start of Carbon, you’re making your way to Palmont City when Cross, now a bounty hunter, catches up with you and totals your car during the chase. Before he can collect his bounty on you, though, your old friend Darius steps in and pays off Cross.

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