Terms and Conditions

Miwanistore.com – Terms and Conditions:

When you visit our website;

We don’t utilize any tracking or analytics services so your browsing activity, on our site remains between us and your internet service provider (ISP).

When you sign up;

All we require for signing up on our website is a username and password. If you want to have the option to recover your password in case of forget it and receive important updates about the website (approximately one email per year) you can provide us with your email after signing up.

Your privacy;

We deeply respect your privacy and are fully committed to protecting it. We never sell, share, or display your information. The only information we collect about you is limited to what’s made available by your browser when you visit our site, such as the three octets of your IP address while browsing the site, browser type, and cookies.

Third-party cookies;

To store your preferences and choices we make use of cookies.

Common ID Cookie;

This website utilizes cookies and similar tracking technologies like the Common ID cookie to deliver its services. Cookies play a role in measuring advertising effectiveness and ensuring an online advertising industry. The Common ID cookie stores a user ID, within the first-party domain. Can be accessed by our advertising partners.

This straightforward identifier can be used to enhance the process of matching users particularly when it comes to delivering advertisements, on iOS and MacOS browsers. Users have the option to disable the tracking cookie, for Common ID by clicking a button.

Attention; Privacy Preferences, for Advertising

EXCLUSIVELY FOR USERS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION; While browsing our website select companies might have the ability to access and utilize information regarding your device and interests to provide personalized content or targeted advertisements. You retain the option to revisit or modify your consent choices by clicking on this link at any time.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy;

Please be aware that we reserve the right to make changes adjustments or modifications to our privacy policy, without notice. Any modifications will be promptly posted on this page for your perusal and understanding.